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Way back in 2005, the Million-Dollar homepage was created and skyrocketed. It was a simple but very effective concept. A 1000×1000 grid of “pixels” with a total of one million pixels, where each pixel was sold for one dollar. The pixel purchasers provided their images, a slogan and a link to whatever website. This was or is one of the best investments in advertising because at the low cost, advertisers had their services and wares promoted for now almost two decades. The Million-Dollar homepage has many advertisers that are now famous such as the comedy band of Jack Black, Tenacious D or different casinos, and Golden Palace, the UK mobile telephone service Orange, and the newspaper The Times. The site even peaked at the 127th most visited website on all the web.

A sample of the Million Dollar Web Page, showing 100x100 or 10,000 total pixels from 48 different advertisers.

A sample of the Million Dollar Web Page, showing 10,000 pixels from 48 different advertisers.

The Updated Version for Our Generation

Like fashion, what is old, is now new again, and there is a similar site that has a few twists on the original concept. The is this generation’s updated version. The new site will be promoted by some very big names making it a hot commodity and a special way to advertise for many businesses that may not have a considerable budget needed to reach the customers that the combined funds and buzz that the full page will. 

There is a second change that the is making that makes it different from the original. However, this makes the new site a better opportunity for more than just companies looking to advertise. The $1 per pixel price is only available for a limited time, and this time frame depends on the Round of sales. 

  • Round 1: The $1 price per pixel is only for the first 100,000 pixels that are sold. 
  • Round 2: From pixel 100,001 to 300,000, the price rises to $2 per pixel. 
  • Round 3: From pixel 300,001 to 600,000, the price is $3 per pixel
  • Round 4: And finally, the last 400,000 pixels will cost $4 each. 

For those wanting to advertise, they will most certainly want to get in early with the $1 per pixel price so that they can get the lower-priced pixels and have the opportunity to choose the best placement on the grid.

But advertisers are not the only people interested in the new website and its pixels. This point is where the second and possibly most important difference is made with the original site. The buyers of the pixels can sell their pixels for the current priced Round that the pixels are going for. So an investor can buy pixels for $1 and sell them for $2, $3, or $4, making a fantastic return. 

Pixel BlocksRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4

So when we combine the two new attributes of the, an interesting investment can return. 

The Advertiser Play

Say you are an advertiser with a limited budget. You can multiply your budget as follows:

  1. You want to have a 2×5 block space which would be a total of 1,000 pixels and thus $1,000 for that purchase in the first Round. 
  2. However, if you initially purchased 2,000 pixels by investing $2,000 you could keep the first 1,000 pixels (2×5 block) and sell the second 1000 in a future Round.
  3. Selling the 1,000 pixels in Round 2 would receive $2,000, and the advertising is free. Selling in Round 3, you get the free advertising and net $1,000, and selling the 1,000 pixels in Round 4 is free advertising and nets $2,000.

Likewise, you could choose a larger space giving you highlighted exposure on the page.

Investor Play

If you are looking for a short-term investment with a high return, you could buy pixels in the first Round at $1 and sell them for a 100% to 300% return in Rounds 2 to 4.

You have the option of selling your pixel blocks directly via the or offering them externally. If you sell your pixel blocks through the website, charges a small processing fee where the sale process will be supervised.


Whether you are an advertiser or an investor the is an opportunity that has not been seen for almost 2 decades. Being nostalgic and having the new site promoted heavily, the new version will likely have a similar draw and excitement of the original. Many will visit the site to click the links of a few of the pixels they had never heard of, and others will use the opportunity to make a fantastic return for a small investment.