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What is the onemillionpixel.site?

On the onemillionpixel.site you see a creative website with a single large advertising space. This advertising space is divided into individual pixel blocks that can be bought and advertised on. The blocks consist of an image, text and a link to any website. Text and link appear as soon as you click on one of the blocks.
Furthermore, the onemillionpixel.site not only offers a unique advertising space, but also the opportunity to invest in pixel blocks. Because the starting price of $1 per pixel increases over time. Thus, investors, e.g. on the stock market, can speculate on a profit in the future.
This unique concept and the placed advertisements lead to a high level of attention from advertisers, investors, the media and society, which makes the onemillionpixel.site so valuable.

How can I buy Pixel Blocks?

If you click on “Buy Pixels” in the menu, you will be taken to a registration page. After registering, you can view, reserve and test the pixel blocks that are still free. Upload an image, enter a note or slogan and your desired link. You can now purchase the selected pixel blocks at the current pixel value.

What advertising is allowed?

Advertising is permitted that does not refer to pornographic, violent or discriminatory sites. This applies to the stored image, the text and the link. On submission, onemillionpixel checks the advertisement and approves it.
If the ad subsequently violates the guidelines, the ad will be blocked and the pixel block can no longer be used. Refunds are non-refundable, so we ask the advertiser to carefully check the link when submitting it and to follow the guidelines and rules.

What payment options are there?

You can buy pixel blocks with the following payment options:
–       Paypal
–       Stripe
–       credit card
–       Bank Transfer

How does the pixel value system work?

The pixel price increases with the number of pixel blocks sold. Thus, the decreasing number of pixel blocks get a higher value. The following table explains the scale of pixel prices:
First 1,000 pixels:       1 pixel = $1
Next 2,000 pixels:       1 pixel = $2
Next 3,000 pixels:       1 pixel = $3
Last 4,000 pixels:        1 pixel = $4

How can I sell pixel blocks?

You can either sell your pixel blocks independently or directly through the onemillionpixel.site. If you would like to sell your pixel blocks yourself, there are a number of options available to you. You could handle the sale e.g. via Ebay, your own shop or other third-party providers. This variant is the more complex, but you are not bound to the value system of onemillionpixel and you can sell your pixels for any price.
If you want to sell your pixels directly via the onemillionpixel.site, you are bound to the value system and sell at the current pixel value minus the processing costs. The processing costs are 7.5% of the sales value.
The advantage here is the secure processing and the buyer’s trust in the onemillionpixel.site.